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Rail and rolling stock inspection services from SGS – providing organizations with independent second line checks of rolling stock or components.

Containers at harbour

From assessing residual value on an owner’s behalf to checking the effectiveness of cleaning, maintenance or overhaul providers for a fleet owner or operator, our rail inspections focus on the condition of existing, in-service vehicles. They can incorporate a component, system or entire train, usually against a set of criteria (age, usage, distance travelled etc.) to deliver an independent view of its status and relative condition against expectation.

Rail Inspection Services

We provide independent second line checks on manufacturer’s own inspection processes, carried out on either a second or third party basis. This review not only ensures that the manufacturer is carrying out the correct checks and inspections but witnesses a sample set and identifies additional non-compliances or improvements throughout the process.

In addition to inspection for mandatory compliance we have many years of experience in the inspection of quality, finish and customer compliance issues, particularly final customer inspections.

Rolling Stock Inspection Services

However, with completed vehicles, it is often too late to rectify any problems identified by inspection. As a result, component or subsystem inspection – either at the time of delivery or periodically throughout the manufacturing cycle – can save you both time and money. Our inspectors offer you significant experience in carrying out component inspections at manufacturer and supplier facilities across Europe.

Find out how SGS’s rail inspection services can support your business.