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SGS facility security evaluation service (FSES) – demonstrate the safety of your facility.

Containers at harbour

The globalization of logistics has created new opportunities for criminals, who are using increasingly sophisticated methods to achieve their aims. Today, one of the greatest challenges for logistics service providers and manufacturers of high value and high risk products is ensuring the security of freight as it passes through the supply chain. SGS FSES allows you to demonstrate your facility’s understanding of safety requirements.

Why choose SGS FSES?

To gauge the level of security in a facility, we assess its:

  • Surveillance camera system
  • Personal and vehicle access control systems
  • Sensor system
  • Machine security system and/or placement of security guards
  • Other security-related equipment and processes

If your facility meets our performance standards, it will be classified according to its level of achievement:

  • Silver: the standard level of facility security
  • Gold: our recommended level of security, which includes enhancements to the standard level
  • Platinum: meets rigid international security standards

This classification allows you to assure customers, suppliers and shareholders that your facility meets their security requirements and will help you to attract new business from potential customers who are security conscious.

Security evaluations from a leader in risk management

We offer a global network of experts, covering a wide range of industries, who can identify risk, assess its potential impact, and provide practical solutions for risk mitigation.

Contact us now to learn more about SGS FSES.