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Chemical analysis is the basis for many important decisions. Sample drying is one step in the sample preparation of materials for chemical analysis.

Containers at harbour

SGS prepares samples of geological materials, industrial raw materials, scrap materials and other products for chemical analysis. We have the expertise and standard procedures to ensure representative samples that lead to reliable results.

Many of the samples received at SGS laboratories are wet. They must be dried before they can be crushed or pulverized for analysis. Our laboratory staff uses drying procedures that avoid contamination and ensure that the drying temperature is suitable for your sample and the analysis that you want to perform on it. Improper drying is known to result in the loss of target elements, for example mercury.

SGS is flexible when it comes to sample drying. We have drying protocols to accommodate drying at 105oC or 60oC. If you need a custom temperature, we can work together to achieve this as well.

We can also dry excessively wet samples and dry and macerate vegetation for analysis.

SGS sample drying, sample reduction and sample pulverizing are crucial steps that lead to reliable results from chemical analysis. Call us today to discover more.