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SGS develops sustainable flowsheets through bench-scale testing programs. Our core philosophy is to understand the variability of the parameters that affect metallurgical performance and then design and optimize.

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Our experienced technical experts use cutting-edge mineralogy and standardized testing and equipment to design bench-scale testing programs. These are based on sustainable operational criteria so you achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.

To characterize your ore, SGS experts will:

  • Identify then focus on your objectives and constraints
  • Design and execute a solid, succinct testwork program
  • Record and interpret data
  • Generate a robust, environmentally sustainable flowsheet
  • Design a program that has financial reporting milestones to ensure your stakeholders see progress and remain satisfied

SGS offers you bankability and confidence – and a solid, reliable, reputable, independent, designable and predictable result. We have over 70 years experience providing bench-scale tests for a vast range of commodities for deposits all over the world. We integrate:

Mineral processing – physical separation techniques including:

  • Comminution
  • Dense media separation
  • Gravity, electrostatic and magnetic separation
  • Flotation and reagent development

Hydrometallurgy – leaching, chemical recovery and purification techniques including:

  • Atmospheric, biological and pressure leaching 
  • Cyanide and alternative lixiviants leaching of gold ores
  • Cyanide recovery and destruction processes
  • Metal purification and recovery processes such as precipitation, solvent extraction, and electrowinning 
  • Rheology of tailings and ore slurries

SGS also offers integrated mineralogical, analytical and environmental services to complement your bench-scale program. With millions of determinations a year and prompt turn-around, our laboratories continue to meet and exceed your growing expectations.

Solid bench-scale testing is the first step to effective process development and guides all future testwork. Conceptual or preliminary scoping studies with SGS provide you with:

  • Broad understanding of textural relationships (deportment)
  • Identification of probable recovery route (flowsheet)
  • Order-of-magnitude recovery & concentrate quality data

SGS’s internal environmental policy insists that sustainable environmental practices are given top priority. SGS is a co-signee to the CIM Environmental Policy Statement, which promotes environmentally sustainable operations in the mining and exploration industries. Green process design will be of utmost importance to SGS experts throughout your testing program.

SGS’s integrated depth and breadth of technical services means that your bench-scale testing is carried out efficiently, reporting milestones are created and met and informed decisions can be made in a timely manner. Our strong commitment to client partnerships and stringent quality control is geared to assisting you in the quest for greater productivity and profitability.

With SGS as your partner, you not only receive the best quality metallurgical services available, but also fully bankable reports that enjoy high levels of credibility with the leading financial institutions. Our reputation for impartiality and neutrality gives you the assurance that no technologies or process routes are favoured due to vested interests. Partner with SGS, the leading supplier of bench-scale testing expertise, for confidence in your mineral processing and metallurgical results.