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Product Conformity Assessment for Nigeria from SGS – Standards Organization of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Program (SONCAP) compliance.

Containers at harbour

To prevent the import of substandard and unsafe products into Nigeria all exporters and manufacturers must subject regulated goods to scrutiny against the standards and technical requirements of the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON).

We can test and verify your products against SON’s offshore Standards Organization of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Program (SONCAP). Under SONCAP goods intended for import which are on the list of regulated products must undergo a product conformity assessment in their country of origin.

With decades of experience in product assessment our global network of industry experts can offer tailored services to help your products demonstrate compliance.

Our accreditation for the re-engineered SONCAP was renewed on November 14, 2012, and comes into effect from March 1, 2013. The process for the new program differs from its predecessor. It introduces three routes to certification, and a number of different documents to be issued per route:

  • Route A: For unregistered/Unlicensed products (Conformity Verification): Each shipment to be imported requires inspection, sampling, testing to applicable standards & FCL “Full container load” stuffing supervision and sealing, based on risk assessment
  • Route B: For Registered Products (Registration and Conformity Inspection): Registration of products is done following verification of supplier and/or type testing and assessment of the manufacturer’s quality system in a detailed Factory Audit. Inspection, sampling, testing as per applicable standards and FCL supervision and sealing is required at least in 40% of the shipments
  • Route C: For Licensed products (Product Certification Systems): Licensing of products is based on detailed evaluation of the product, including testing and factory audit and regular surveillances at least twice a year.

Test reports are to be presented for all the Certification Routes. Valid test reports are to be issued by:

  • Approved ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory  
  • Manufacturer, provided that testing has been witnessed by SGS

Compliance with SON requirements is confirmed through the issue of:

  • Product Certificate (Unregistered):  Issued per shipment and valid for six months, is issued upon satisfactory completion of systematic inspection and product sampling, applicable only to route A
  • Product Certificate (Registered): Valid for one year, issued upon satisfactory completion of Supplier’s verification or where applicable, audit of Manufacturer’s factory: applicable to route B
  • Product Certificate (Licensed): Valid for one year, issued upon satisfactory completion of audit of Manufacturer’s factory: applicable to route C
  • Certificate of Conformity (CoC): issued for every shipment, upon shipment verification: documentary verification (including Product Certificate and satisfactory Test Report) and depending upon routes A, B or C

The purpose of attestation is as follows:

  • Product Certificate (Unregistered or Registered or Licensed): Required by the importer to open a Form M (Import Application) prior to shipment of the goods from country of supply
  • A Certificate of Conformity: Required by SON to issue a SONCAP Certificate to the importer
  • SONCAP Certificate: Required by the importer for Customs clearance

Why choose SGS?

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and Certification Company with a global network we are committed to providing exporters to Nigeria, and importers in Nigeria, with efficient services under SONCAP.