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Get field-generated data quickly to make real-time decisions with SGS FAST.

During exploration, resource definition and production, getting analytical data quickly is vital for making accurate and timely decisions. SGS FAST solutions provide you with essential analytical data within 24- to 48-hours from the sampling event using new portable analytical technologies. This dedicated field-based preparation and analytical testing gets you the data you need to make quick, but accurate decisions around exploration, mining and plant production.

Field Analytical Services and Testing (FAST) Approach to Exploration Mining and Processing

Get accurate data – fast

Get accurate and supported analytical data within 24 to 48 hours to help you:

  • Optimize your drilling program: SGS FAST XRF core scanning services provide data on a timescale that can assist Field Geologists to quickly identify when planned drill patterns extend outside the target zone. This allows real-time changes to drill positioning and minimization of drill spend in barren host sequences
  • Increase targeting accuracy: SGS FAST’s data-rich environment allows real-time updating of geological models and use of machine learning technologies to improve targeting accuracy
  • Get more consistent core logging: SGS FAST XRF core scanning generates objective and consistent data in a digital format that allows real-time geological model updates during active drill programs
  • Optimize your spend on geochemistry: use SGS FAST Minalyze XRF core scanning to screen drillcore for value and project impact. This reduces the costs of sample splitting, transport and laboratory analyses. Plus, get a more comprehensive elemental suite in the field in real time
  • Manage stockpile or feed blending: use SGS FAST preparation, pXRF and FTIR services to provide real-time analysis of ROM materials to assist in maintaining consistency in plant feed and/or to plan stockpiling for campaign processing in deposits of high mineralogical variability
  • Enable global team decisions: cloud-based data removes time zone and physical barriers from team decisions

Make faster decisions during active exploration programs

SGS FAST enables you to:

  • Make faster decisions during active exploration programs
  • Stand-out from peers by demonstrating an optimized exploration spend
  • Realize an earlier return on exploration investment and development activities 
  • Ensure rapid project development through the lifecycle
  • Maintain consistent plant performance and minimize unexpected production downtime
  • Achieve a more attractive company profile to investors by demonstrating project progress in a shorter timeframe

The SGS FAST package

Depending on your requirements, the SGS FAST package includes:

SGS FAST Mobile Sample Preparation (MSPU)

SGS FAST Fourier Transform IR (FTIR)

SGS FAST Portable XRF (pXRF)
In-field sample preparation of core or grade control samples. Direct mineralogical identification and quantification for a wide range of phases. Our custom calibrations provide improved analytical data accuracy and precision.

SGS FAST Minalyze XRF Core Scanning

SGS FAST Machine Learning
Rapid, non-destructive, objective and standardized chemical testing and digital core logging. SGS FAST provides the data density required to use machine learning.

Access the SGS FAST tool box

The technologies and methods included in the SGS FAST ‘toolbox’ are:

  • Robust
  • Accurate and precise
  • Field deployable and safe to operate in production environments
  • Fast – with a rapid analytical cycle 
  • Able to generate data on a 24- to 48-hour basis

QA/QC Management

SGS is committed to delivering the same high-quality sample analysis in our FAST approach as found in our commercial labs. Technologies are calibrated to your deposit, and methods and detection limits are reviewed and validated regularly to ensure that data quality objectives are being met and maintained. Our QA/QC protocol is the backbone of the service, controlling methodology, data management and reporting, quality control and governance activities (service attitudes provided).

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