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When you trade commodities such as oil, gas and chemicals, we can protect your interests through measurement and inspection techniques that are designed to guard against commercial, operational and financial risk. 

Cargo and truck at harbour

Our global network of specialists understand each step of the trading process, from negotiating a contract and the operational aspect of letters of credit through to challenges such as managing transactional security, demurrage and salvage risks.

Our experience enables us to identify and target risks throughout the whole of your oil, gas and chemical trade processes. We will professionally oversee and control the entire chain of custody, and advise you on:

  • Contracts, negotiation and letters of credit
  • How to manage transactional security and demurrage
  • How to manage commercial risk and contentious issues between parties
  • Quality – laboratory testing for certification and analytical services
  • Understanding trade sanction risks
  • Managing exposure risks, shipment risks and delivery obligations
  • Identifying the dangers of unsafe ports, piracy and ransom demands

We provide specialist laboratory services all over the world to give you access to certification, verification and analytical services to ensure that all contractual terms are respected.    

You can trust our SGS experts to assess your trade risks professionally and with an impartial eye, to give you the competitive edge you need.