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At SGS, we recognize the crucial role that trade of agricultural goods plays across the world, from production to consumption. 

Cargo and truck at harbour

The trade of agricultural goods is a complex and challenging process, involving many different stakeholders, the question of trade policy, chain of custody, certification, sustainability, supply chain and economic growth. It is essential to understand the associated risks, and we can assist you by walking through each step of the trade process to identify and mitigate these risks.

Our global trade and risk experts, along with laboratory and analytical services will help you to:

  • Identify the associated risks of trading agricultural goods
  • Manage stocks and supply chain
  • Procure export and import licenses
  • Perform analyses and certifications for quality/quantity
  • Facilitate trade routes and obtain necessary documentation
  • Promote sustainability and sustainable economic growth
  • Monitor environmental and health standards
  • Understand global trade strategy
  • Lower the cost of cross-border commerce

With our SGS experience and expertise at hand, you have a solid base on which to make decisions and move forward.