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If not carefully planned and managed, an organizational event can potentially have a detrimental impact on the local community and surrounding environment.

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Making sure the events you organize are sustainable will minimize their negative impact and help to make them a success. SGS offers a wide range of audit, training and testing services to help you ensure your events are sustainable. Our global network of specialists and facilities provide you access to a deep pool of expertise and knowledge in the field of organizing sustainable events, for example by applying the ISO 20121 standard for sustainable management systems for events. Work with us to make your event a model in sustainability. Call our expert teams today to discover more.

To ensure that your organization is complying with the latest environmental regulations for your industry and maintaining sustainability, you need a comprehensive toolkit of management tools and techniques. SGS management and compliance services include a wide range of environmental audit and certification services. Our services enable you to gather the necessary information to provide evidence of your environmental compliance with existing standards, mandatory regulations or voluntary schemes. Our training and events help to reinforce the principles of best practice in your management strategy and across your organization.

Take advantage of our global network of specialists to provide you with the expert advice you need to manage your compliance with environmental, social and sustainability requirements. By partnering with us, you will be sure that you are on the right track to make your organization a leader in sustainability.