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TransitNet from SGS – a faster, cheaper way to speed your cargo through border crossings, ports and beyond.

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Obtaining customs approval and co-operation on paper for your cargo routes can be slow and complex, especially if there are third-parties involved. At SGS we understand the complexities of moving cargo in transit by road, rail and water, and we have designed TransitNet with these complexities in mind. Under supervision in Geneva, we operate the TransitNet service either directly or by appointed partners such as road transport operators’ associations or similar neutral organizations.

TransitNet is a secure, multi-lingual, web-based platform that captures, controls and monitors transit declarations to significantly reduce your elapsed transit times. TransitNet enables the transport and logistics industry to submit an electronic customs transit declaration, together with a financial guarantee covering their liability for customs debt.

We obtain due diligence clearance for each prospective client from our insurers, and act as principal towards customs, establishing guarantees in favor of customs but on behalf of TransitNet clients, covering the liability for taxes and duties for all clients’ transit operations. The guarantees are lodged where the client’s transit movement begins, and cover movements through to destination. The client pays a fee per each transit movement.

The benefits of TransitNet

  • Speed: TransitNet is faster and cheaper than other road transit services
  • Accessibility: TransitNet is an enhanced and electronic alternative to existing paper systems, and operates in both EU and non-EU countries
  • Trust: TransitNet avoids the need for individual operators to deposit transit guarantees either in favor of our client centers or customs
  • Facilitation: TransitNet provides customs with advanced information (CE 648/2005) and conforms to EU-NCTS and Turkish requirements facilitating faster border crossing and rapid release for transit
  • Traceability: TransitNet provides all participants (clients, client centers and principals) with an on-line view of the current status of transit movements
  • Economy: as a web-based system, TransitNet requires no IT infrastructure other than internet access

As a customizable, web platform, TransitNet may be adapted for transit operations in other countries and regions or customs unions across the world. Contact us to find out more.