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Multiphase flow metering continuously measures the individual flow rates of oil, water and gas during a well’s production.

Oil Rig

The need for the measurement of these flow rates has increased during recent decades as the industry has been forced to explore the economic viability of reservoirs that were previously drilled.

Today, technology provides better accuracy and more reliable results than may have been achieved when an older well was in the exploration phase. Also useful when assessing new oil fields, the use of a multiphase flowmeter (MPFM) gives you a full understanding of the well’s performance with quick well diagnostics and lower costs per well test than with other methodologies.

Multiphase meter

SGS uses the Roxar 2600 third generation MPFM as a mobile unit that has a simple light weight design, weighing 80 percent less than its predecessor. With its innovative Zector technology (advanced signal processing, new field electronics and electrode geometry) it provides accurate flow characterization and has integrated measurement of pressure, differential pressure and temperature. A non-radioactive version covers most operating conditions and there is a gamma version available for special applications and high GVF.

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