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Full-scale assessment and characterization of your hydrocarbon resources for optimized production efficiency and profitability.

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Tight and unconventional reservoirs comprise a broad group of hydrocarbon resources, including shale gas, shale oil, and coal bed methane (CBM). Development and production of these reservoirs is a capital and labor-intensive enterprise due to their low porosity and permeability. The key to profitable development is to minimize unnecessary drilling and hydraulic stimulation operations and increase the efficiency of existing operations.

At SGS, we offer a range of services for the assessment and characterization of tight and unconventional reservoirs, providing you with the information required for optimized production efficiency and profitability.

In our workflow, we apply innovative laboratory solutions (e.g. QEMSCAN and nanoindentation) to determine the geochemical, mineralogical, and mechanical rock properties from a range of rock samples, including core and drill cuttings. The rock sample data are used to calibrate the petrophysical interpretation of wireline log data for reservoir characterization on the well scale. Subsequently, the well data are integrated with seismic data and used to drive seismic inversion techniques for characterization on the reservoir scale.

Service benefits

Our tight and unconventional reservoir services can help you with:

  • Assessment of the hydrocarbon potential of your tight and unconventional resources
  • Full-scale reservoir characterization from rock sample to reservoir scale
  • Identification and delineation of sweet spots for completion
  • Evaluation and troubleshooting of well production performance
  • Resource assessment and production forecasting for CBM resources

Tight and unconventional reservoir services

Our tight and unconventional reservoir services include:

  • Industry leading analytical techniques, including QEMSCAN, XRD, SEM, and XRF, to determine the mineralogical and textural rock properties
  • Nanoindentation technology to determine rock mechanical properties, including the Young’s modulus and the hardness
  • Analytical techniques, such as Rock Eval, to determine geochemical rock properties
  • Full-scale reservoir assessment and characterization, from rock sample to reservoir scale, by integrating rock sample data with petrophysical interpretation of wireline log data and seismic inversion techniques
  • Laboratory gas analysis for CBM resources, including GC, GC-MS, SARA analysis, diamondoids analysis, and biomarkers

Why choose SGS?

We have extensive experience in subsurface studies, utilizing an integrated approach combining expertise in different disciplines. For tight and unconventional reservoirs, we have developed a specialized workflow, described above, for full-scale reservoir characterization. We can apply our workflow to both new prospects as well as older fields and wells for which the available data is limited.

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