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SGS Clients are legal entities whose orders are always very individual with their unique features. Entering a Contract with a Client SGS undertakes full responsibility for timely completion of the scope of work and solving the issues set up by the Client. At that, by entering the Contract, the Client undertakes on its end to provide the full package of input data with details, as discussed, provide an access to some of its information resources for SGS specialists, and thus make sure SGS has information sufficient to execute the scope of work under the Contract.

However, in real terms Clients are not always able to provide information in time, that sometimes leads to delays in executing the works, which in its turn may impact Clients’ project schedules.

In this context we would like to share a story. One of the Clients assigned a non-standard task - – to develop and compile a full package of bid documentation by a certain date, based on a concept design, engineering and topographic survey data for the future construction facility, to hold a BID and identify an EPC Contractor. At that, the Project Facility to be designed and constructed was very specific and did not fall into category of civil or industrial buildings. It was supposed to be some aviation complex with some own infrastructure located within a fenced off aerodrome environs at a big international airport.

From the very beginning of this project implementation there was a big deficit of input data to be provided by Client. To develop a full package of bid documentation of excellent quality, a big array of information was needed. But the Client, with its best will to provide the required information to SGS, was technically unable to. As time passed, the deadline got closer and closer. In order to help in some way to fill in the gap caused by the lack of information, upon a suggestion by “Industries & Environment”, the Client forwarded to SGS a package of technical documents in English language from the manufacturer and supplier of the aviation equipment that were to be installed in the Project Facility. SGS understanding was correct from the beginning – that aviation equipment had a direct bearing on the space planning and structural solutions for the building, as well as all its utilities. That is why, to be able to fulfill the obligation it was absolutely imperative to carefully study that documentation, analyze the inputs from Client in details, visit and examine the site. And all that was done in a short time frame and at a professional level. 

Technical proposals for some changes in the concept design space-planning solutions for the building were issued to the Client, and the concept design was partially revised accordingly. That was done in consideration of the aviation equipment manufacturer’s technical requirements for operation of the building. Also, all the building needs for power supply, HVAC, water supply and sewerage system were recalculated and the requirements of the Law for aviation industry engineering and construction were carefully studied.

As a result of the ambitious work, SGS “Industries & Environment” team managed to submit the following to the Client within the contractual time frame:
1. Technical specification for Engineering and Construction of the Facility with detailed and step-wise

  • description of the input data and a list of general technical and process requirements to 
  • structural, layout, architectural, fit-out and construction solutions 
  • for the Facility, pursuant to technical regulations, legal and 
  • standard documentation of the Law for engineering and construction;

2. Design Engineering Assignment with a detailed description of general data and requirements to civils, structures and utilities;

3. Construction budget – a document with calculation of the budget cost of engineering and construction of the Facility up to its handover for operation;

4. Informational assistance and consultation services to address technical, construction and administrative issues.

“Thus, even at the deficit of input data, specificity of Clients’ needs and individuality of projects, SGS “Industries & Environment” Team manages to fulfil contractual obligations at a high professional level, in due time, and gain our Clients’ recognition in doing so” – as commented by Maxim Tviritin – Quantity Surveyor of SGS “Industries & Environment” Team.