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SGS Kazakhstan has a new ability to perform more accurate tank measurements using a high-speed 3D laser scanner.

The main advantages of using a 3D scanner:

  • Reducing the time for field work by 2-5 times
  • Reducing tank downtime by 2-5 times
  • Eliminating costs for the provision and disposal of calibration fluid
  • Reducing the cost of tank calibration/calibration costs
  • High data accuracy
  • Ability to work in all weather and climatic conditions
  • Autonomy, no external power supplies required

The following measurements can be taken with this 3D scanner:

  • Scanning of tanks of various types and shapes – calibration/verification of tanks – drawing up a calibration table for accounting for oil and oil products
  • Scanning of bulk materials – calculating the volume of minerals with high accuracy and in a short time
  • Deformation monitoring of any objects (buildings, factories, bridges, quarries and dams)
  • Scanning of quarries – longitudinal, cross-sections, extraction of lines of slopes and ledges
  • Scanning of factories/factories – the actual executive survey is performed in 3D format, with all dimensions. For reconstruction, simulation and determination of Plan-Fact discrepancies
  • Construction control – obtaining an up-to-date survey for the "project-fact" ratio, an up-to-date as-built model. Identification of inconsistencies
  • Standard geodetic works
  • Data visualization for building accurate block models and plans
  • Survey of mine workings and tunnels
  • Scanning and calculation of volumes (rocks, soil, etc.)

“Using a 3D laser scanner is a synergy of such factors as: compliance with legal requirements, measurement accuracy, saving time and money for the Customer,” - Oxana Begenova, Business Manager, Oil, Gas and Chemistry Department.

A 3D scanner is a device that allows you to create exact copies of real objects in digital form. These three-dimensional models are highly detailed and informative (with their help, the user can find out the data about the object in mathematical, digital form).

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