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Environmental responsibility is a fact of life in today’s industry.


Corporations are constantly confronted with new laws and regulations and make considerable efforts to meet environmental requirements.

This can include:

  • Adapting extraction processes
  • Investing in emission-reducing and energy saving technologies
  • Conducting ongoing environmental investigations

SGS offers the following environmental issues solutions and services, for mining and other industries, to help you meet these ongoing issues:

Water Treatment Services

SGS has years of experience effectively testing and designing processes to characterize and treat process water and contaminated effluents at your site. A partnership with SGS provides you with analytical and process design expertise to help you find efficient, practical solutions for your water and wastewater treatment requirements.

Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) Services

The characterization of the acid-producing potential of ores is a vital component in the management of ARD and the prevention of long-term environmental liabilities. SGS offers comprehensive laboratory analysis of leachates, solids and effluent. Partner with SGS early in your project for the analytical testing and mineralogical characterization needed before determining the optimal ARD treatment solutions.

Thiosulfate Leaching

Thiosulfate leaching provides a less toxic processing alternative to cyanidation in the recovery of gold from ore. Our laboratory and industry experts have designed and developed the technique into a viable cyanide alternative for some gold-bearing ores. SGS can help ensure regulatory compliance and optimized gold recovery from this process.

SGS provides safe, reliable, effective methods and technologies to mitigate or prevent environmental concerns. We have a global network of high-technology facilities and qualified experts to help you fulfill your environmental responsibility.