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SGS is the industry leader in flotation testing, design and technology. With the expertise gained over 70 years, our professional staff has developed equipment and monitoring technologies that can help to optimize your circuit and improve your recovery.


We offer the following flotation equipment services:

  • Design of flotation columns
  • Design of contact cells
  • Installation of monitoring equipment, the METcam-FC flotation froth camera
  • Design and supply of waterless jet action spargers
  • Sourcing and supply of spare parts for columns, contact cells and spargers

METcam-FC V3

Designed by SGS, the METcam-FC V3 is a camera that captures and analyzes real time video images of plant flotation froth. The METcam-FC V3 is a robust, proven instrument; over 300 are installed in flotation circuits around the world.  Features include:

  • Wireless network option reduces cost and time of installation
  • Streaming real time image of your froth
  • Fast measurement updates for each camera independent of network size
  • Selection of area of interest to obtain:
    • Directional froth velocity
    • Froth stability
    • Bubble count and size distribution

    SGS experts can conduct process audit and optimization studies to delineate and resolve issues identified by the METcam-FC.

    MET Toolkit

    The MET Toolkit is an advanced control option used with the METcam-FC to intelligently monitor and control your flotation circuit. Automate your plant’s best operational practices and replicate them every shift. It is like having your best operator on shift…every shift. The MET Toolkit offers:

    • Performance optimization algorithms for cell/row/circuit
    • Implementation of best operating practices online
    • Froth typing
    • Process condition monitoring
    • Smart alarms


    SGS is the world leader in sparging technology for column flotation and leach tanks. We developed and originated the waterless jet action sparger, eliminating the need for a water header and related maintenance, thus increasing the life of the sparger.

    Our fixed gap and variable gap spargers offer you

    • State-of-the-art wear-resistant material
    • Ease of maintenance, removal and re-installation 
    • Low maintenance
    • Consistent metallurgy
    • Automatic shut-off on loss of air

    Partner with SGS for expert flotation support and optimize your process performance today. From proven equipment design to advanced control strategies to on-going maintenance, SGS delivers technologies to ensure best practices are employed at your plant.