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Scoping studies and the flowsheets developed from results of early stage metallurgy tests form the basis of a metallurgical extraction program.


SGS is a global leader in independent and transparent scoping studies and flowsheet development. We have the experience and technology to provide you with accurate, bankable results that are accepted by the mining, engineering and financial communities around the world. The key activities we consider when doing a scoping study include:

  • Sampling & domaining
  • Mineralogy
  • Identification of fatal flaws
  • Grindability testing
  • Pre-concentration & metal recovery selection possibilities
    • Flotation
    • Gravity separation
    • Leaching
    • Hydrometallurgy
    • Environmental impact, including hazards evaluation and acid rock drainage testing

    Efficient scoping studies and a complete process flowsheet allow you to:

    • Provide bankable proof of your project viability to financiers and stakeholders.
    • Fully understand the characteristics of your ore to build lean efficiencies into your project.
    • Generate higher revenue through improved recovery or operational cost savings.
    • Minimize risk associated with process changes in existing operations.
    • Reduce environmental costs through appropriate design features.

    Scoping Studies

    A scoping study is the first stage in the metallurgical assessment of a project. The data gained through SGS scoping study testing, and the resulting scoping study, assess the potential of your project and help you to determine next steps.  The data from the study also provides bankable proof of the viability of the project for financiers and stakeholders.  We have the experience and global network of laboratories to conduct the specific metallurgical tests you need.

    Flowsheet Development

    When your project is in the pre-feasibility or feasibility stage, we use the results of your scoping tests to develop a conceptual flowsheet.

    Flowsheet development considers the particular ore and product characteristics to determine the most efficient and effective processing method. When changes must be made to an existing operation as a result of variability in ore-type, recovery targets, equipment, or environmental regulations, an SGS flowsheet, along with pilot plant testing, can significantly reduce your financial risk.

    SGS has earned a global reputation as the leader in scoping studies and flowsheet development.  Contact us today and learn how you can generate confidence in the viability of your project and obtain targeted practical solutions that streamline and optimize your operations while positioning to create lean efficiencies.