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The accurate estimation and evaluation of the size and extent of an orebody is crucial to the success of a mineral exploration program.


SGS combines the disciplines of geology, statistics and internationally accepted exploration practices to provide you with accurate and timely:

  • Orebody modeling
  • Resource estimation 
  • Ore reserve evaluation 
  • Geostatistical analysis

Independent, transparent reserve and resource estimation and evaluation services give SGS clients a competitive edge.  

At SGS, we ensure that your resource evaluations are accurate and completed in a fair and transparent manner. Our modeling, evaluation and estimation reports are completed by Qualified Persons (QP), ensuring that your results are compliant with National Instrument 43-101, JORC and related codes. 

Orebody Modeling

Orebody modeling is the geological basis of your mine planning. SGS has the geologists and engineers to help develop the modeling program that is right for your project. These professionals have extensive experience developing models and evaluation procedures. They are skilled in the use SETCAD, POLYCAD, BLKCAD and other programs to provide you with an accurate and complete model or evaluation of your ore reserves. 

A computer modeling project starts with a critical review of existing drill hole and surface or underground sample data, as well as plans and sections containing current geological interpretation.

Drill hole and/or sample databases are then created to provide the quantitative and qualitative information necessary to build a resource model. Once the model is complete, we can provide you with the following professional services:

  • Computer-based 3D orebody modeling
  • Sectional, longitudinal, 3D or multi-seam modeling
  • Variographic analysis of composite spatial continuity
  • Geostatistical analysis and block modeling

Information gained through orebody modeling is used for geostatistical analysis and block modeling. SGS block modeling estimates the tonnage and grade of ore within virtual blocks. For more information on geostatistical analysis and block modeling, go to:

  • Geostatistical Analysis and Block Modeling
  • Resource Estimation and Classification
  • Geometallurgy

Our professional staff use the data collected by orebody modeling to provide accurate estimations and classification of the resources available at your exploration site. For more information on our resource estimation and classification services, go to: Resource Estimation and Classification.