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Whatever your organization’s role in the pharmaceutical supply chain – whether it is as a supplier, manufacturer or pharmaceutical company – demonstrating Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is key to securing customer trust, building your reputation and growing your business.

A GMP audit from SGS will show that you are meeting customer and consumer expectations and working to ensure the quality and safety of your products. The requirement for GMP audits and a consistent global approach has never been greater. Global markets and international manufacture and supply of both raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients increase the complexity of supply chains. Addressing  GMP regulations effectively across international borders is easily facilitated by our network of local experts.

We run the world’s largest network of independent auditors and provide your organization with cost-effective outsourced GMP standards quality assurance. Operating from a network of offices and laboratories in 135 countries we offer a truly global service, while providing your organization with a single point of contact.

At SGS, we provide a vast array of GMP compliant analytical techniques for the quality control of pharmaceuticals. Our pharmaceutical experts can help organizations and companies across the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to manage and improve the quality of their products in a globally consistent, reliable and efficient manner, through services and solutions tailored specifically for pharmaceutical quality assurance.

Implement a GMP audit program within your organization to demonstrate your commitment to quality and safety across the pharmaceutical supply chain.