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SGS’s advanced systems services can help you to ensure the success of your process automation.

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Through our advanced systems services, we lead the global market in the application of unique metallurgical technologies for optimizing plant and asset performance in the mining sector. With over 100 systems installed worldwide, we will partner with you to provide the implementation and post selling service that you need.

Our products and services:

Modular Expert Technology (MET) Expert Systems

Developed by SGS, MET is an expert systems platform that uses advanced control technology to create and deploy real time, mission critical expert solutions. It offers:

  • Applications for crushing, grinding, flotation and dewatering
  • Reduced implementation time and standardized best practices based on control philosophy coding
  • Friendly interface and intuitive browsing that enables more key people in your plant to access the expert system
  • Rule engine logic incorporating fuzzy logic and model predictive control (MPC)

METcam Artificial Vision Systems 

METcam provides continuous monitoring to feed your advanced control systems, replacing the operator’s visual inspection. It includes:

  • METfroth: forth characterization in flotation cells
  • METrock: ore fragmentation measurement in ore conveyors
  • METball: counting of ball feeding for mills

Control Assessments

We will perform a control survey of your process to identify the status of your instrumentation and control system, identifying the gaps that you need to cover before implementing an expert system. With our extensive experience in implementing advanced processes, we can help you find the smart way to bring your plant to the optimal level of automation.

Support Services

Because we believe a project’s success is based on client ownership over the system, we offer comprehensive expert remote and on field support services. Our support services will ensure that your expert system is running optimally, so you can achieve maximum returns from your MET solution.

Why choose SGS advanced systems services?

With decades of practical experience and a unique depth and breadth of operational expertise, SGS understands your plant processes and has the tools to push them to new levels of performance and optimization. Our experts bring both their own experience and the body of knowledge that all of SGS represents to your project site. They will work with you to design the best strategy for automating your process and identifying opportunities to improve. 

Our handover of the application and post sealing service includes:

  • Performance guarantee
  • On hand and post selling training with open code systems
  • Comprehensive support service with regional presence

For more information about SGS advanced systems, contact us today.