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Chemical plant

The global manufacture, supply and marketing of vitamins and food supplements has recently come under increased scrutiny from the media, government bodies and consumer protection groups. What was once a fairly small, rather informal sector has grown into a multi-billion per year boom business. One of the consequences of this growth has been more rigorous oversight and increased regulation in the interests of public health.

National, international and simple liability has increased awareness of the need for independent, objective and reliable data along the supply chain to ensure product integrity. SGS provides you with a set of supply and analysis tools which enable the gathering of very detailed data. We also work with you to improve risk management and establish compliance with any form of commitment.

In addition to offering services to support ISO 2200 certification in food safety management systems, we provide:

  • Good manufacturing practices (GMP) audits for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Nutritional testing and vitamins
  • Microbiological testing and food chemical analysis
  • Food label reviews and nutritional analysis
  • Physical and sensory testing
  • Testing services for pesticide residue, allergens and contaminants

In the food supplement sector, public confidence and belief in supply chain integrity is of paramount importance. At SGS, we give manufactures and traders the tools to establish the necessary level of confidence and to monitor it over time.

SGS is a trusted partner of major players in the vitamins and health supplements sector, with a track record of supply chain monitoring and data management innovation. Find out how we can support your operations.