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Plastics production is based on combining monomers or, increasingly, pre-polymers or polymer precursors.

Chemical plant

Monomers are the organic molecules which form synthetic polymers, such as vinyl chloride, which is used to produce the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Pre-polymers are a monomer or system of monomers that have been reacted to an intermediate molecular weight state.

Industries using monomers and pre-polymers as base products, or those producing them must ensure that their products meet both customer requirements and quality standards. In addition to maintaining product quality, it is also essential also to ensure the safety, reliability, sustainability and security of supply chains.

Our services give you access to a broad range of global knowledge and experience about the sourcing of monomers and pre-polymers (or polymer precursors) and how to ensure their quality as well as reliability of supply. Find out how we can help you.