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Acids and alkalis are the workhorses of the chemical industry.

Chemical plant

They are found across a wide range of applications, including the production of dyes and pigments, artificial fibers, plastics, soaps and explosives (acids), soaps, paper, textile treatment, photography and glass (alkalis).

Industries using acids and alkalis as base products, or industries which produce them need to assure that products are of a quality that meets both required standards and customer requirements. However, in addition to ensuring product quality, it is also essential to ensure the reliability, safety, sustainability and security of supply chains.

SGS provides services ranging from inspection and sampling to comprehensive laboratory analysis and monitoring services, as well as support with metering and calibration. With SGS as your partner, you have access to a broad range of industry experience and global knowledge about chemical feedstocks and how to ensure product quality and supply chain integrity. Find out how we can help you.